November 04, 2007

Ron Paul has Officially Cheesed Me Off

On Sundays,  I like to listen to Sirius NFL network on the computer radio and keep my eye on all the games on the NFL website with the game trackers.  I do this because I have to keep my business open on Sunday afternoons.

I really haven't paid much attention to Ron Paul.  Oh yeah, I've seen his stickers everywhere and I know his platform.  He's got a small army of computer nerds who know how to inundate internet polls and completely skew them.   Rendering them useless.

 He's completely Libertarian, which I can appreciate.  I'd love to see the wholesale removal of useless beauracracies.  But, he's just completely unelectable.  I've already decided I would not vote for him.

Because of God and the game he created...Football,  I don't do politics on Sunday. 

I didn't watch the second Fred Thompson Republican debate.  The idiots that be, scheduled a ( way too early in the race ) debate on a FOOTBALL Sunday.  I refused to watch and caught up on the highlights during the following week.

This brings me to my troubles today.

I'm minding my own business, lapping up the scores and listening to two early on-side kicks in two different games.  Commercial time comes, and who's out there saying his little irritating name over and over again?  That's right...Ron Paul.

Ron Paul, Ron Paul,Ron Paul RON PAUL,


I thought I was gonna be sick.  That was the first time I heard it.

Then it came on again...and again...and again...AND AGAIN...AAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

I am seriously irritated.  I no longer consider him just to be some Whacko right wing HACK on the third tier of the Republican over-crowded race.  Hanging on by a thread, and probably the first idiot, when rejected, to run as a third party candidate. 

He has interfered with the enjoyment of Football.


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