November 30, 2008

Be not Afraid

  I didn't vote for him,  I don't like him, but I'm not afraid of him.

  The stock market has absolutely wet it's pants at the reality of Obama's presidency.  People are talking about (snicker) the New Great Depression,  the dawning of a new Socialist age,  all out war with the Arabs/Russians/Chinese. 

                    The sky is falling.  The sky is falling.

  Let's get a collective grip. 

   Car sales were down this year because of the high gas prices.  It's now $1.81 a gallon at my local gas station.  This may be temporary, especially if Congress decides not to get off it's butt and allow the Drillers to do what they do best.  Chaves and Raul Castro are wooing the russians to do just that in OUR OWN BACKYARD.  Auto sales will recover.

  This weekend's Black Friday sales were in excess of 10 billion dollars.  In one day!   This kind of tells me that Americans are shopping but they are not buying two items...Houses and Cars.  They are buying everything else.

  The financial meltdown was all a part of a grand plan put in place by Pelosi and Reid, masterminded by Chucky Schumer.  Remember it was this crafty idiot who first tried to take down that bank in New York last spring by sending out  an email to all the customers, prompting a run on it.  I see this meltdown as part of The Show.  You know...Bush destroyed the economy, now Obama is going to ride in on his white horse,  give a bunch of press conferences on the economy and magically the stocks will rise.  All hail Obama.

  Obama's change will not be sweeping and vast.  His cabinet choices are making that very clear.  I think his Modus Operendi will be much more Clintonesc than Carter.  He has always done whatever it takes to reach the next level.  Whether that means join the most popular church in the black community,  get involved with the local radical political machine,  say and do anything to win the Democratic Nomination and then the Presidency.

  Keep in mind that his next goal is to win reelection.  He cant afford to alienate the people in this country who abhore socialism.  He cant afford to take away peoples guns and stifle free speech.  We are not a nation of sheep.  We will be heard.


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November 07, 2008

Somebody put the finger back in the Dike

   Holy Buhgeeezus  I'm so afraid to look at my Ameritrade account.  I'm a coal and energy lover and I'm being pummeled.  How can a candidate say "i'm gonna bankrupt the coal industry" and get elected!?!  I hope the rumors of the Congress grabbing control of all our 401 k's are just horsefeathers.  I don't really see a need for armed revolt at this juncture.

 I hope to God that Warren Buffet is all up in Komrade Citizen's ear telling him the simple formula of taxing the crap out of everybody takes away incentive.

  How did Ireland come to be the Lion of Europe?  It untangled its Tax codes and shed the weight on sinking corporations and allowed them to strike that...ROCKET to the top of the European food chain.

  The Novel Novice (who's middle name we should never let past our lips) is DIRECTLY responsible for the recent sell off.   Our corporations are already the second highest taxed of the First world economies.  He wants to pile on more.  That'll help.

  Please please...oh Exalted One...throw us a bone and let us know that you understand these simple, simple concepts.  Uncuff the little Dutch Boy and let him get his groove on.


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November 04, 2008



  That's back, not Barak.  I did my duty today with my daughters in tow as I always do, twice a year.  I didnt have to tell them which button to push for President.  My 9 year old knew not to press the button marked ....Comrade Supreme Overlord.

  I've been in a static state for about 9 months now...but I promise I will be posting here at least twice a week.  I'm going to learn  some site management tricks and join the 21st century blogosphere and start rocking.   

  Please ignore the previous posts' comment section, as they have filled with SPAM.  I can't seem to delete them with the tools given.  However I did discover the SPAM BLOCKER in my tool chest and all will proceed without the junk mail pile up.

  Please feel free to comment or e-mail me at

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