March 01, 2009


   Soooooo...budget problems have pushed Obama into a little corner here.  He wants a brand new helicopter fleet but politically it wouldn't look so hot.  Especially after John McCain jokingly called him out on the subject at the *snicker* Fiscal Responsibility conference.

  Look at this.  Magically, the Iranians have somehow hacked into a Tech contracter's computer and stole the plans for the current fleet.  Uh oh!!!

  What about the safety of our American President?  I guess we'll just HAVE to build them NOW.

  Admittedly, those Copters are getting old...but that's not really the point.  Here's another case of The Man of the People demanding "I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW!"

  He really can't help himself.  He really believe's that all us peons are gonna buy that story!?!

  Even my most liberal of friends, a librarian who works at an Ivy League University, is rubbing the back of his neck, shaking his head with a HUGE case of buyers remorse. 

Oh man, I really didn't think this would happen so fast.  Heh!


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UMMMMM...where the hell do these stupid spams come from   How do I get rid of them?????  Delete just doesn't work.

If you REAL people would just push them out with some REAL comments...I would greatly appreciate it.

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See, I just bumped another one!


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3 And another one!

Posted by: birdhurd at Wed Mar 4 23:04:08 2009 (4LFZk)

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