October 10, 2007

Congress and the Kurds

Let me lay out some facts

*Congress has called for a condemnation of the Massacre of over a million Armenians by Turkey( Ottoman Empire ) around 1920, in recent weeks

*Turkey threatens to invade Northern (Kurdish) Iraq to stop terrorist attacks by the renegade group PPK


We all know that the most stable region in Iraq is the Kurdish self goverened region.  We dont need to police them and we dont need to show them a path to prosperity.  They are a mostly self sufficient well organized people.

The US Congress, led by Democratic congressman Adam Schiff (who apparently has a lot of Armenian constituents), seems hell bent on reacting to a situation that occured almost 90 years ago.  The Turks just cutoff all miliatary relations with France for doing just that.

It was a horrendous genecide of 1.5 million people perpetrated by a dying empire before the current state of Turkey was organized in 1922.  The Armenians fought back after the slaughter with "Operation NEMESIS" in which they sent out assasins to kill 200 Turks on the "Black List".  They were quite succesful in their endeavours.  They hunted and killed them all over Europe often only getting a slap on the hand by the local governments. 

Clearly though killing a few perpetrators of the death of 1.5 million People is not a justice satisfied.  However, how will Congress'  official recognition of these events produce any results at this late date?

Is the Congress blowing in the wind of local polls,  not looking at the bigger picture here?   I hope it's only that.  Could it be that they would like to see a destabilization in that region?  Casting another finger that could be pointed at the republican party?   I hope they are just incompetent panderers, but what effort of helping our enemies and backstabbing our allies haven't we seen in the last 3 years?

Turkey's threats of invasion are not generated by minor league terrorist attacks by the  PPK.  They are a direct threat to our stated goals in Iraq in response to the Democratic US Congress for ( as usual ) doing too little too late.

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