June 11, 2009


I'm moving over to www.birdhurd.blogspot.com .  I can get a lot more colorful and crazy there. 

Goodbye and thanks for all the SPAM.

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March 04, 2009

Speaking of wings

  When Michael sleeps, Dobiel gets restless, and Gabriel knows no peace.

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March 01, 2009


   Soooooo...budget problems have pushed Obama into a little corner here.  He wants a brand new helicopter fleet but politically it wouldn't look so hot.  Especially after John McCain jokingly called him out on the subject at the *snicker* Fiscal Responsibility conference.

  Look at this.  Magically, the Iranians have somehow hacked into a Tech contracter's computer and stole the plans for the current fleet.  Uh oh!!!

  What about the safety of our American President?  I guess we'll just HAVE to build them NOW.

  Admittedly, those Copters are getting old...but that's not really the point.  Here's another case of The Man of the People demanding "I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW!"

  He really can't help himself.  He really believe's that all us peons are gonna buy that story!?!

  Even my most liberal of friends, a librarian who works at an Ivy League University, is rubbing the back of his neck, shaking his head with a HUGE case of buyers remorse. 

Oh man, I really didn't think this would happen so fast.  Heh!


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February 26, 2009

Check out Rep. Aaron Schock !

  I was just watching the live stream of CPAC on Townhall.com

  Known as the Baby of the Congress, Rep. Aaron Schock representing the 18th district in Illinois, gave a great speech on how to win in the places Republicans are told they shouldn't even bother with. 

  His seat has some of the same territory as Abraham Lincoln's house seat.  This guy is the real deal for the future. 

  Check him out.

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February 24, 2009

Mujahideen CUM Louder

  Since they were SPREAD all over the place,  peace loving freedom fighters have decided to get together for a love-in, of sorts.

  Taliban forces in Pakistan have decided to CUM together and name the organization...Council of United Mujahideen.  I think it is very sensitive of  them to think about each others needs.

There's going to be a lot of lonely goats for a while.

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February 23, 2009

A New Energy Resource

  Watching all the new spending bills and remembering Quotes from our Founding Fathers about how, if politicians figured out how to use tax money to vote themselves into power,  that the great experiment would be over...

  I thought of this:

  If we got some good thick wire and stuck it into the ground about 6 feet deep,  into the graves of the Founding Fathers,  we could reap the Kilowatts from their spinning corpses'.

  If the idea of having property rights now means I have to pay for my irresponsible neighbors' mortgage as well as my own...


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The Oxymoronic Accent

  I will begin this post by 100% refuting my last post.  Obama has gone off the deep end.  He has grabbed the Constitution of the USA and is running as fast as he can towards Karl Marx's backyard bonfire.

  It seems that Barack is in love with the idea of spending us into oblivion and eliminating the USA as we know it.  Not only does he want to quadruple our national debt....he wants to blame the previous administration for doing it.

  The quote from the Anointed One is,"We inherited a 480 billion dollar deficit...therfore we need to quadruple it to make the economy better."


  Keep this accent in mind ...I predict it will be repetitively ingrained in our lexicon.


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November 30, 2008

Be not Afraid

  I didn't vote for him,  I don't like him, but I'm not afraid of him.

  The stock market has absolutely wet it's pants at the reality of Obama's presidency.  People are talking about (snicker) the New Great Depression,  the dawning of a new Socialist age,  all out war with the Arabs/Russians/Chinese. 

                    The sky is falling.  The sky is falling.

  Let's get a collective grip. 

   Car sales were down this year because of the high gas prices.  It's now $1.81 a gallon at my local gas station.  This may be temporary, especially if Congress decides not to get off it's butt and allow the Drillers to do what they do best.  Chaves and Raul Castro are wooing the russians to do just that in OUR OWN BACKYARD.  Auto sales will recover.

  This weekend's Black Friday sales were in excess of 10 billion dollars.  In one day!   This kind of tells me that Americans are shopping but they are not buying two items...Houses and Cars.  They are buying everything else.

  The financial meltdown was all a part of a grand plan put in place by Pelosi and Reid, masterminded by Chucky Schumer.  Remember it was this crafty idiot who first tried to take down that bank in New York last spring by sending out  an email to all the customers, prompting a run on it.  I see this meltdown as part of The Show.  You know...Bush destroyed the economy, now Obama is going to ride in on his white horse,  give a bunch of press conferences on the economy and magically the stocks will rise.  All hail Obama.

  Obama's change will not be sweeping and vast.  His cabinet choices are making that very clear.  I think his Modus Operendi will be much more Clintonesc than Carter.  He has always done whatever it takes to reach the next level.  Whether that means join the most popular church in the black community,  get involved with the local radical political machine,  say and do anything to win the Democratic Nomination and then the Presidency.

  Keep in mind that his next goal is to win reelection.  He cant afford to alienate the people in this country who abhore socialism.  He cant afford to take away peoples guns and stifle free speech.  We are not a nation of sheep.  We will be heard.


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November 07, 2008

Somebody put the finger back in the Dike

   Holy Buhgeeezus  I'm so afraid to look at my Ameritrade account.  I'm a coal and energy lover and I'm being pummeled.  How can a candidate say "i'm gonna bankrupt the coal industry" and get elected!?!  I hope the rumors of the Congress grabbing control of all our 401 k's are just horsefeathers.  I don't really see a need for armed revolt at this juncture.

 I hope to God that Warren Buffet is all up in Komrade Citizen's ear telling him the simple formula of taxing the crap out of everybody takes away incentive.

  How did Ireland come to be the Lion of Europe?  It untangled its Tax codes and shed the weight on sinking corporations and allowed them to float...no strike that...ROCKET to the top of the European food chain.

  The Novel Novice (who's middle name we should never let past our lips) is DIRECTLY responsible for the recent sell off.   Our corporations are already the second highest taxed of the First world economies.  He wants to pile on more.  That'll help.

  Please please...oh Exalted One...throw us a bone and let us know that you understand these simple, simple concepts.  Uncuff the little Dutch Boy and let him get his groove on.


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November 04, 2008



  That's back, not Barak.  I did my duty today with my daughters in tow as I always do, twice a year.  I didnt have to tell them which button to push for President.  My 9 year old knew not to press the button marked ....Comrade Supreme Overlord.

  I've been in a static state for about 9 months now...but I promise I will be posting here at least twice a week.  I'm going to learn  some site management tricks and join the 21st century blogosphere and start rocking.   

  Please ignore the previous posts' comment section, as they have filled with SPAM.  I can't seem to delete them with the tools given.  However I did discover the SPAM BLOCKER in my tool chest and all will proceed without the junk mail pile up.

  Please feel free to comment or e-mail me at birdhurd@rocketmail.com.

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November 04, 2007

Ron Paul has Officially Cheesed Me Off

On Sundays,  I like to listen to Sirius NFL network on the computer radio and keep my eye on all the games on the NFL website with the game trackers.  I do this because I have to keep my business open on Sunday afternoons.

I really haven't paid much attention to Ron Paul.  Oh yeah, I've seen his stickers everywhere and I know his platform.  He's got a small army of computer nerds who know how to inundate internet polls and completely skew them.   Rendering them useless.

 He's completely Libertarian, which I can appreciate.  I'd love to see the wholesale removal of useless beauracracies.  But, he's just completely unelectable.  I've already decided I would not vote for him.

Because of God and the game he created...Football,  I don't do politics on Sunday. 

I didn't watch the second Fred Thompson Republican debate.  The idiots that be, scheduled a ( way too early in the race ) debate on a FOOTBALL Sunday.  I refused to watch and caught up on the highlights during the following week.

This brings me to my troubles today.

I'm minding my own business, lapping up the scores and listening to two early on-side kicks in two different games.  Commercial time comes, and who's out there saying his little irritating name over and over again?  That's right...Ron Paul.

Ron Paul, Ron Paul,Ron Paul RON PAUL,


I thought I was gonna be sick.  That was the first time I heard it.

Then it came on again...and again...and again...AND AGAIN...AAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

I am seriously irritated.  I no longer consider him just to be some Whacko right wing HACK on the third tier of the Republican over-crowded race.  Hanging on by a thread, and probably the first idiot, when rejected, to run as a third party candidate. 

He has interfered with the enjoyment of Football.


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October 28, 2007

Democrats Plan a Shorter Workweek

Like my neighbors' insane furry little puppy,  the Dems raced into the Congress telling everybody that they are in charge and barking marching orders.  Yapping at this, yapping at that.  And now they've pee'd on the rug.

It seems that working a full five day work week for the congress seems a little too much like...well...working a full five day work week.  Not that anything really gets done.  Can you say..."Appropriation bill" without the Pavlovian response of "tax increase"?

The Texas Senate session is mandated to only 140 days.  That enormous state seems to keep things moving along. 

Personally,  I wouldn't mind if the US Congress went home for the rest of the year.  Would we really notice anything different coming out of Washington?  Oh sure, Charles Schumer would still be on TV three times a week, but at least we wouldn't have to keep looking over our shoulder for the next Senator looking to save (run) our lives.

Halloween is coming up next week.  In that spirit, I think the Congress should be mindful of their limitations and limit their "work week" to BITE SIZE.


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October 19, 2007

Diesel Tanker Stolen in Baltimore

So, a diesel tanker gets stolen at gunpoint today in Baltimore.  Witnesses say it headed toward I-95.  Police and anti-terror organizations put out the All-Points Bulletin on the truck, with a complete description of the shiny Red Rig.

This began at five a.m.  The truck was found abandoned around one p.m. on the Southwest side of Washington D.C.

Did somebody pull a gun on the driver simply for a joy-ride in an eighteen wheeler?  Probably not.

If this was a professional crime, there would have been safe haven for this large truck to be drained and completely dismantled within a few hours.

Much like Charles Krauthammer's assessment of Nancy Pelosi, I think this crime was perpetrated by either a COMPLETE IDIOT or more sinister,  a terrorist on a  truck bomb DRY RUN.

If it was the latter, his test seems most propitious.

                                     (hat tip to the Kraut's thesaurus).


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October 18, 2007

China gets a Snoot Full

  With the awarding of the Congressional Gold Medal to the Dalai Lama,  President Bush has successfully stuck it up China's nose.  Which makes quite a sea change considering how they must laugh when it comes to subjects such as the Sudan, North Korea, and Iran's nuclear proliferation.

In Sudan, the Chi-coms buy all the oil they can from Muslim tyrant Omar al Bashir, handing him boat-loads of cash which he then hands back to them in exchange for boat-loads of weapons.  He then takes these weapons and uses them ( in the words of the BBC ) to uphold the Historic Peace agreement signed in January of 2005.  It looks to me that he's just mass murdering a lot of ( non-muslim ) black people and pocketing the change from Beijing.

How many bullets, bombs, and centrifuge parts has China sold to North Korea, Libya, Iran, Saddam's Iraq, Pakistan, umm...who else am I forgetting?

Does anybody remember the forced downing of the US EP-3 Aries II surveillance aircraft?  The detainment of the crew and the technological stripping of the plane?

 They kick us square in the groin, on a monthly basis.  How hard they must laugh when we worry about saying anything that might put their nose slightly out of joint.

So here's to George Bush and the Congress ( for once ) for putting that award right where it belongs. 


UPDATE:  China spanks bad little child by taking away it's internet traffic.      WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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October 10, 2007

Congress and the Kurds

Let me lay out some facts

*Congress has called for a condemnation of the Massacre of over a million Armenians by Turkey( Ottoman Empire ) around 1920, in recent weeks

*Turkey threatens to invade Northern (Kurdish) Iraq to stop terrorist attacks by the renegade group PPK


We all know that the most stable region in Iraq is the Kurdish self goverened region.  We dont need to police them and we dont need to show them a path to prosperity.  They are a mostly self sufficient well organized people.

The US Congress, led by Democratic congressman Adam Schiff (who apparently has a lot of Armenian constituents), seems hell bent on reacting to a situation that occured almost 90 years ago.  The Turks just cutoff all miliatary relations with France for doing just that.

It was a horrendous genecide of 1.5 million people perpetrated by a dying empire before the current state of Turkey was organized in 1922.  The Armenians fought back after the slaughter with "Operation NEMESIS" in which they sent out assasins to kill 200 Turks on the "Black List".  They were quite succesful in their endeavours.  They hunted and killed them all over Europe often only getting a slap on the hand by the local governments. 

Clearly though killing a few perpetrators of the death of 1.5 million People is not a justice satisfied.  However, how will Congress'  official recognition of these events produce any results at this late date?

Is the Congress blowing in the wind of local polls,  not looking at the bigger picture here?   I hope it's only that.  Could it be that they would like to see a destabilization in that region?  Casting another finger that could be pointed at the republican party?   I hope they are just incompetent panderers, but what effort of helping our enemies and backstabbing our allies haven't we seen in the last 3 years?

Turkey's threats of invasion are not generated by minor league terrorist attacks by the  PPK.  They are a direct threat to our stated goals in Iraq in response to the Democratic US Congress for ( as usual ) doing too little too late.

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September 19, 2007

Reading and Clarity

I've spent this afternoon reading comments by Michael Yon and Michael Totten.  Yon's story was about battle and casualties and an earned respect.  Totten's story was about a battle already fought and security and order being restored in Ramadi.

One thing that struck me was the children.  I guess I'm getting soft going into my forties.  Maybe it's my three children bringing out my emotional goodies.

All the pictures of them smiling and happy to see the Marines and Soldiers, Michael and his camera, tells a story on it's own...just visually.  Pictures of girls and women,  being schooled again and their happiness beaming for the pleasure to study literature.  Can you imagine being banned from reading a book?

I want to do something for these children.  I don't know what.  If I could put together a book drive for them or something similar it would make me feel more connected to their happiness.  Is that selfish?  Or is that about the joy of giving.  I don't know if I can do it or not.  If they sent me a thank you note I know I'd get smoke in my eyes.

I'm going to kick this around awhile.


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June 27, 2007

In response to getting ripped off on another penny stock...

I'm starting a new corporation:

NADA corporation.

We will be specialized in producing bioxygenated carbon products along with a designer line of Methalates used in the clearing of carbon based bipeds from small domicile enclosures.

We soon hope to be partnering with Chinese, Indian, and Mexican companies in order to maximize our output.


When the money and scents are flowing...thats NADA corporation.

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June 25, 2007


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