October 28, 2007

Democrats Plan a Shorter Workweek

Like my neighbors' insane furry little puppy,  the Dems raced into the Congress telling everybody that they are in charge and barking marching orders.  Yapping at this, yapping at that.  And now they've pee'd on the rug.

It seems that working a full five day work week for the congress seems a little too much like...well...working a full five day work week.  Not that anything really gets done.  Can you say..."Appropriation bill" without the Pavlovian response of "tax increase"?

The Texas Senate session is mandated to only 140 days.  That enormous state seems to keep things moving along. 

Personally,  I wouldn't mind if the US Congress went home for the rest of the year.  Would we really notice anything different coming out of Washington?  Oh sure, Charles Schumer would still be on TV three times a week, but at least we wouldn't have to keep looking over our shoulder for the next Senator looking to save (run) our lives.

Halloween is coming up next week.  In that spirit, I think the Congress should be mindful of their limitations and limit their "work week" to BITE SIZE.


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